Pielisen Kala

Fish just became simple to prepare

Sustainable fishing in clean waters

We want to replace tuna in everyday meals with domestic, ecological wild fish. Does it sound good?

Tasty treats from Lake Pielinen, canned by us for ease of use

Our products are clean, natural Finnish fish, preserved without any additives. They are perfectly suited for everyday dining, restaurants, and even to be enjoyed while out on a hike if you wish. It doesn’t matter how you wish to enjoy your fish, as long as you enjoy it — at least twice a week

Canned Natural Fish Products

Fish from Finland is a safe ingredient

According to a recent study, Finnish fish is an excellent, safe choice for everyone’s plate. Have you got any other questions about natural fish? Read our responses to frequently asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the world's finest canned fish come from?

Well, Lake Pielinen, for one. That, and the rest of the cleanest waters in Finland.

The secrets behind delicious fish are a clean environment, quality ingredients, and know-how. Plus, of course, love for the business. All these aspects combine in the Pielisen Kalajaloste canned fish products, which only contain the essential ingredients without adding anything unnecessary. Maybe our products will give you just what you need to improve your everyday life!