Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Pielisen Kalajaloste products contain bones?

Most of our products contain bones. The bones soften during the autoclave (pressure cooker) treatment, so you won’t notice them while eating. In addition, fish bones are an excellent source of various minerals. For example, they contain calcium and phosphorus, along with collagen.

Is Finnish natural fish safe to eat?

Yes, it is. According to a recent study, most domestic natural fish contain very small amounts of environmental toxins. These fish include e.g. the European whitefish, the vendace and the roach, along with the perch, the zander and the burbot in coastal regions.

Where do the Pielisen Kalajaloste fish come from?

Our fish mostly come from inland waters. We do our own fishing with our equipment in Lake Pielinen. We’ve also had to buy certain types of fish, mostly perch and roach, from fyke net and trap fishers on the coast.

How are the Pielisen Kalajaloste products prepared?

The secret behind the flavour of our unique smoked fish is our self-designed smoking oven which works using genuine alder smoke. Our expert workers and freshly cleaned fish along with our ultra-efficient production line are the definite foundation of our production.

How long does an opened product keep?

When opened, our products keep for a few days at refrigerator temperatures.

How do I recycle Pielisen Kalajaloste packaging?

You can recycle our cans and sort them into metal waste containers.